Allison Long Hardy
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Mini Drawing Series
These drawings are dialogs between my infant son and myself. While he cannot talk quite yet, he communicates clearly (and many times very loudly) his needs and desires, which all demand a response from me. I have learned to be patient and listen, whereas pre-baby I was the force that required patience and listening. I have learned to slow down, listen, and observe, taking in his body language and analyzing his different verbalizations, and then responding. After he was born I found my time to be very divided and dispersed into small moments throughout the day. I viewed time in a very different manner, managed by a tiny little person, who needs constant love and attention. The demand was palpable. My time was divided into frantically busy chunks or painfully boring spans. Learning to work with this new division of my time was difficult; and finding inspiration in my sleep-deprived, post-partum state was near impossible. When I did begin making work again, my priorities had changed, something that paralleled most other aspects in my life. I was more interested in the process of getting to the end product; the end product was just a result of creative effort. These drawings serve as a marker for me, a time when my whole world was turned upside down and everything changed. My son’s birth forced me to change my life’s focus and think about the world in a different way. The body of work in this series represents that change and marks a new approach to my studio practice.