Allison Long Hardy
Spontaneity, Randomness, and Gesture
Group exhibition at West Virginia Wesleyan College's Sleeth Gallery

This exhibition consisted of artists who reexamine abstraction through an expressionist view. All of the artists were women. While there were many women who painted in an expressionist style, especially after the 1950’s, the art created in that period was largely seen by the critics of the time as male dominated in its scale and spirit. All of the artists included in this exhibition were born after the Women’s Movement and do not see Abstract Expressionism as a male dominated territory. They do not feel the weight of Picassso or DeKooning on their shoulders and are unconcerned with the critical history of the movement. Rather, they look to art from the past that seems to answer formal issues and that presents a structure through which they can explore their own interior visions.


Leslie Shellow
Tiffany Jordan
Lauren Peterson
Ellen Durkan
Allison Long Hardy
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