Allison Long Hardy
duPont GalleryInstallation of 'Flourish', 'Change', and 'Obsess'Installation of 'Flourish'Installation of 'Change'Installation of 'Obsess'Installation of 'Grow'Installation of 'Obsess' and 'Daydream'Installation of stop animation video 'Progress'Left side of the galleryInstallation of 'Journey' and 'Monumental'Installation of 'Going Up', 'Going Down', and 'Passing Through'
Crowded Spaces
Solo exhibition at the University of Mary Washington's duPont Gallery in Fredericksburg, VA
January 20 – February 5, 2012

The body of work was created in response to my residency at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA during the summer of 2011. While working there, I found I was drawn to the visitors coming in and going out of my studio. They were completely distracting, while really interesting to watch. I began watching and listening to what they were saying and how they were moving through my studio as well as the Torpedo Factory itself. I was embarking on a new series of drawings during my time there, and found myself making marks that were similar to aerial views of crowds or migration maps. This was influenced by my observations of visitors moving throughout the Torpedo Factory. I was particularly interested in the ebb and flow of crowds; how crowds exist, move, and dissipate as a cohesive unit; and how communication travels through crowds. Through mark, I started representing these facets; each informing the creation and placement of subsequent marks.
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